Department and Program Updates FA2016

Human Physiology Updates: November 29, 2016

Starting Summer 2017, HPHY will only offer the first four courses of the full Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) sequence, eliminating students’ ability to complete the year’s worth of academics in 12 weeks time.  The dates for summer term offerings are:

  • HPHY 321 – June 26 – Aug 4
  • HPHY 322 – June 26 – Aug 4
  • HPHY 323 – Aug 7 – Sept 15
  • HPHY 324 – Aug 7 – Sept 15

For more information, contact Jen Strong, Human Physiology Advisor, at

DuckWeb Updates: Sept. 15, 2016

Students are now able to declare a BA or BS on DuckWeb.  Students can also change (add, update or remove) their Professional Objective on DuckWeb.  Professional Objectives can be found on the top of the Degree Guide.  Students can have three professional objectives.  They are used by some departments as a way to find a specific population of students for communication and outreach purposes.  Students can also change Ethnicity and Race on this form as well.