2019 Advisor Award Announcements

UO President Michael Schill, Jessica Matthiesen – PPPM, Rachel Allen – SOJC, Gene Sandan – Director Tykeson College & Career Advising

Jessica Matthiesen and Rachel Allen were the recipients of the 2019 University of Oregon Excellence in Undergraduate Advising Awards.  These awards recognize and celebrate the positive impact of exceptional advising and mentoring on the student educational experience.

Matthiesen, Undergraduate Internship Director and Undergraduate Program Manager in the School of Planning, Public Policy and Management, received the Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award.

Allen, Assistant Director of Student Services in the School of Journalism and Communication, received the Outstanding Professional Advising Award.

Matthiesen and Allen were recognized at a brunch and award ceremony on May 30th. These honors are made possible through the collaborative efforts between the Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Success and the All Campus Advising Association (ACAA).

Speakers at the ceremony included UO President Michael Schill and Gene Sandan, Director of College and Career Advising.  President Schill spoke about his commitment to student success and emphasized how the new Tykeson Hall will play a central role in supporting students.  Sandan, who will be overseeing the advising staff in Tykeson Hall, thanked all the members of the UO advising community for the work they do.

More than 100 nominations were received, for a total of 50 individual faculty and professional advisors. The nominations represented 20 different departments, colleges, and student support offices.