The University of Oregon All-Campus Advising Association promotes the highest quality of academic advising by supporting all faculty, staff, and students who hold an advising role at the UO, intentionally advancing academic advising as a profession, and fostering an advising community on campus.  Our mission is to help students establish a framework of lifelong learning and develop skills to become participative, responsible, and creative community members.  The ACAA supports the full mission of the university and is dedicated to the highest standards of academic inquiry, learning, and service.

Member Benefits

  • Members will receive timely announcements and updates from campus departments through the advising listserv
  • Members will have the opportunity to participate in free professional development opportunities
  • The ACAA organizes networking and professional development events so that members can connect with advising colleagues across the UO campus
  • Members can run for office to become a leader within the ACAA committees
  • The ACAA creates an open environment for advisors to share their questions, concerns, and announcements to colleagues across campus.


1. The ACAA aims to establish an inclusive academic advising community on the UO campus to increase the quality and effectiveness of advising.

2. The ACAA seeks to both recognize and promote the role of advising on the UO campus and in the field of student development.

3. The ACAA will provide a space for innovation to make significant contributions to the field of academic advising by establishing and adhering to a shared understanding of best practices.

4. The ACAA will provide a forum for addressing and discussing concerns and challenges that advisors face on the UO campus and in the advising field.

5. Through programming, the ACAA will provide opportunities for professional development, growth, and networking.

6. The ACAA will seek to increase advising-related communication across campus through the development of an advising listserv, the UO ACAA website and other means.

7. The ACAA will uphold the CAS standards and NACADA Core Values for academic advising.




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