Award Application Instructions and Tips

Application Instructions:

Nominees will be given notice through email of their nomination and encouraged to apply. Each application should consist of:

  • An advising/mentoring philosophy statement
  • At least one and no more than four letters of recommendation from a colleague, supervisor, student, or other individual who can speak to your advising and mentoring experience
  • If possible, submit all materials in one document. If it’s more comfortable, one or more of your recommenders can email their recommendation letter to

A review committee comprised of a mix of faculty members, professional advisors, or university administrators will select the recipients.

Application tips:

  • A letter of recommendation from an advisee is not required, but can strengthen your application. Possibilities for incorporating student voices into your application:
    • Often the best way to do this to ask a student to write a letter of recommendation. In the past, we’ve found that students have considered it an honor and a chance to give back to someone who’s given so much to them. Additionally, it’s proven to be a learning experience for the student.  Assistance writing a letter of recommendation can be found in TLC’s Sky Studio tutoring center, 4th floor of the Knight Library.
    • In the absence of an advisee letter, ask one of your professional recommenders to weave student quotes into their letter.
    • Ask at least one of your professional recommenders to use specific stories (minus names/identifying information) that illustrate how you’ve helped students in the past.
  • Review the definition of excellence in advising and tailor your application materials to provide demonstrated examples that illustrate how you model these behaviors/ideals.
  • Quality is appreciated more than quantity. Strategically pick your letters of recommendation for the additional or supporting information they provide.

Please contact with questions.