Definition of Excellence in Advising

Definition of Excellence in Advising

Excellent advisors foster personal and professional student growth by upholding the integrity of the University of Oregon, cultivating academic excellence, providing outstanding student support, having a strong understanding of the cultural factors that impact student success and development, and engaging in professional development. The Selection Committee will evaluate nominations on the evidence of qualities and practices that distinguish the nominee as an outstanding professional or faculty advisor.  Such evidence may include:

Educational Integrity:

  • Provide high quality information and advice
  • Support students with timely degree completion
  • Understand and communicate the rationale for institutional policies, systems, procedures, and appropriate referral processes
  • Foster student growth to raise the quality of educational work produced by the institution and its students

Fostering Academic Excellence:  

  • Mentor students as they develop academic, personal and career goals
  • Encourage campus engagement and community involvement
  • Provide encouragement designed to develop independent, critical thought in students

Outstanding Support of Students:

  • Possess strong interpersonal skills
  • Prioritize the students’ best interests
  • Collaborate on developmentally appropriate goals for students
  • Available to advisees through face-to-face and electronic communication
  • Create a welcoming and responsive atmosphere

Cultural Competency:

  • Aware of cultural values, beliefs, and perceptions
  • Understand cross-cultural issues in a university setting
  • Demonstrate commitment to further cultural identity development
  • Continue to learn about other cultures, beliefs, and perceptions

Professional Development

  • Participate in institutional, regional and national training opportunities
  • Conduct research on student development and best practices in advising