2019 Advisor Award Announcements

UO President Michael Schill, Jessica Matthiesen – PPPM, Rachel Allen – SOJC, Gene Sandan – Director Tykeson College & Career Advising

Jessica Matthiesen and Rachel Allen were the recipients of the 2019 University of Oregon Excellence in Undergraduate Advising Awards.  These awards recognize and celebrate the positive impact of exceptional advising and mentoring on the student educational experience.

Matthiesen, Undergraduate Internship Director and Undergraduate Program Manager in the School of Planning, Public Policy and Management, received the Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award.

Allen, Assistant Director of Student Services in the School of Journalism and Communication, received the Outstanding Professional Advising Award.

Matthiesen and Allen were recognized at a brunch and award ceremony on May 30th. These honors are made possible through the collaborative efforts between the Division of Undergraduate Education and Student Success and the All Campus Advising Association (ACAA).

Speakers at the ceremony included UO President Michael Schill and Gene Sandan, Director of College and Career Advising.  President Schill spoke about his commitment to student success and emphasized how the new Tykeson Hall will play a central role in supporting students.  Sandan, who will be overseeing the advising staff in Tykeson Hall, thanked all the members of the UO advising community for the work they do.

More than 100 nominations were received, for a total of 50 individual faculty and professional advisors. The nominations represented 20 different departments, colleges, and student support offices.

2018 Advisor Award Announcements

The Division of Undergraduate Studies and the All-Campus Advising Association (ACAA) held their 5thannual Appreciation Brunch and Awards Ceremony on May 31stthis year. This ceremony celebrates the fantastic undergraduate advising and mentoring found across the UO campus and allows us to specifically recognize one Faculty and one Professional Undergraduate Advisor for their extraordinary dedication to UO students. This year’s honorees are Outstanding Faculty Award recipient Dr. Elizabeth Raisanen, Director of Undergraduate Advising and Instructor of Literature in The Robert Donald Clark Honors College; and Outstanding Professional Advisor Award recipient Angel Dorantes, Undergraduate Advising and Retention Coordinator for the Department of Education Studies in the College of Education. We congratulate Elizabeth and Angel and extend our appreciation for their compassion and dedication to undergraduate advising.

Outstanding Faculty Advisor:Dr. Elizabeth Raisanen, Robert Donald Clark Honors College

Outstanding Professional Advisor: Angel Dorantes, Education Studies

Congratulations to Ethan Mapes – Recipient of NACADA Region 8 Excellence in Advising Award

We would like to congratulate Ethan Mapes on being awarded the 2017 NACADA Region 8 Excellence in Advising Professional Advisor Award. The NACADA organization has over 1,200 member from across the United States and Canada. Region 8 represents Advisors from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta, and the Yukon. Ethan’s dedication to undergraduate advising is truly exemplary and we are thrilled that he was selected for this distinguished award from among the strong pool of Professional Advisors in this region.

2017 Advisor Awards Announcement

The Division of Undergraduate Studies and the All-Campus Advising Association (ACAA) are happy to announce the winners of the 2017 University of Oregon Excellence in Undergraduate Advising Awards. Advisors from 28 departments across campus were represented and the committee was impressed by the variety of ways students are being advised, supported, mentored and encouraged at UO.

Please join us in celebrating the 2017 University of Oregon Excellence in Undergraduate Advising Awards winners:

Outstanding Faculty Advisor: Hayden Harker, Department of Mathematics

Outstanding Professional Advisor:  Ethan Mapes, Office of International Affairs

The award recipients will be celebrated during a reception and brunch on Thursday, June 1 from 8:30-10:00am in the Gerlinger Alumni Lounge. We hope you’ll attend and help us recognize the extraordinary work underway, all across campus, in the name of our students’ success. If you plan to attend, please RSVP by May 25. RSVP at https://survey.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_dm8yKDYJsCfo9H7.


Regional (NACADA Region 8) Award Announcements

The ACAA’s 2016 Outstanding Faculty Advisor award winner – Dr. Alisa Freedman, Associate Professor of Japanese Literature and Film Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, wins the NACADA Region 8, Excellence in Advising – Faculty Advisor Award for 2016/17!

We are thrilled that Dr. Freedman was recognized among a strong pool of regional peers for her unflagging enthusiasm for advising undergraduate students, as well as her innovative efforts to develop opportunities for mentorship that have expanded the advising environment well beyond traditional boundaries. The award further reinforces Dr. Freedman’s approaches as exemplary, and sets a high bar for the upcoming 2017 ACAA advising award nominees. Please congratulate Dr. Freedman on her noteworthy accomplishments!

Moreover, Rachel Allen, Assistant Director of Student Services in the School of Journalism and Communication, won the NACADA Region 8, Excellence in Advising – Outstanding Professional Academic Advisor Award for 2016! Please congratulate Rachel on her admirable award!


2016 Outstanding Advisor Award winners

BothThe UO All-Campus Advising Association (ACAA) held its third annual awards ceremony on May 25 to recognize and celebrate excellence in undergraduate advising and the positive impact exceptional advising and mentoring has on the undergraduate student experience at the University of Oregon. This year’s honorees included Outstanding Faculty Advisor award recipient Dr. Alisa Freedman, Associate Professor of Japanese Literature and Film in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures; and Outstanding Professional Advisor award recipient Miranda Atkinson, Assistant Director of Student Services and a career and academic advisor in the School of Journalism and Communication. See the following link to read more about this year’s recipients and the award program: https://acaa.uoregon.edu/awards/2016-excellence-in-advising-award-winners/

2015 Excellence in Advising Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2015 Outstanding Advisor Award winners

Dr. Mark Carey and Katie Heidt were recognized at the second annual University of Oregon Excellence in Advising Awards. The awards, which were given during a reception and breakfast on May 28th, recognize and celebrate the positive impact of exceptional undergraduate advising and mentoring on the student educational experience. The awards were a collaboration between the All-Campus Advising Association (ACAA) and the Division of Undergraduate Studies.  More than 200 nominations and 54 applications were received, demonstrating a commitment to high quality undergraduate advising and mentoring across our campus.

Outstanding Faculty Advisor – Dr. Mark Carey, Associate Dean, Associate Professor of History, Robert D. Clark Honors College

IMG_0383 (1)

Dr. Mark Carey specializes in environmental history and the history of science. He earned his Ph.D. in history from the University of California, Davis, and held a Ciriacy-Wantrup Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Geography department at the University of California, Berkeley.  As Associate Dean of the Clark Honors College and an Associate Professor of History, Mark works with students as a professor, thesis advisor, and administrator.  Dr. Carey’s exceptional mentoring is evident through the Glacier Lab, which he designed to “train students in research skills, and give them professional experience disseminating research results.”  Not only does Dr. Carey directly mentor undergraduate students through their thesis work, but he also routinely advises students, oversees the CHIP (Clark Honors Introductory Program) program, and teaches a professional development series to Clark Honors College students.  The Glacier Lab and other mentoring he provides truly enriches the undergraduate education of many students. His nominees note that he pushes students towards excellence with his own belief in their ability to produce and contribute meaningful academic work. One of Mark’s nominees explained that “his commitment to his students and their success is unwavering, and his high expectations truly motivate students to do their best work.  He has been a kind and supportive advising figure who has helped me overcome whatever obstacles are in my path, whether real or self-invented.”

Outstanding Professional Advising Award – Katie Heidt, Academic Advisor, Student Support Services, Teaching and Learning Center

IMG_0939 (1)

Katie Heidt served as an advisor at Oregon State University within College Student Services, where she also earned her Master’s degree in sports and exercise psychology.  In 2009, she joined the the University of Oregon as an advisor for Student Support Services (TRiO), which serves non-traditional students, especially those from low-income, first generation backgrounds. Ms. Heidt’s nominees noted her reliable expertise as an academic advisor, financial-aid knowledge, and caring approach, which are appreciated by both colleagues and students. Ms. Heidt views each advising interaction as an opportunity to foster someone else’s successes and learn about the individuality of students, believing they can earn their college degrees no matter the obstacles. Her ability to see and appreciate the whole student immediately stood out. This approach has allowed Ms. Heidt to have a deep and lasting impact on many students’ lives.  One nominee explained, “What sets Katie apart from many advisors I have met is her heart and passion for her career. She goes above and beyond what is expected of an advisor by providing insightful advice and strong words of encouragement.” Another nominee summarized Ms. Heidt’s impact succinctly, “Without Katie, I would not be where I am today.” Her impact epitomizes excellent advising.

2014 Excellence in Advising Award Winners

J. Josh Snodgrass and Kimberly Rambo-Reinitz were recognized with the inaugural University of Oregon Excellence in Advising Awards during a May 27th awards reception. Dr. Snodgrass, associate professor in the Department of Anthropology, received the Oustanding Faculty Advisor Award, and Ms. Rambo-Reinitz, assistant director of academic advising in the Lundquist College of Business, received the Oustanding Professional Advisor Award. See the following link to read more about this year’s recipients and the award program: https://acaa.uoregon.edu/awards/2014-excellence-in-advising-award-winners/