Winter 2016 Professional Development (End of Term)

Presentation on the UO Collegiate Recovery Center:

Wednesday, March 9 at 12:00 noon


Representatives from the UO Collegiate Recovery Center (CRC) will give an overview of this relatively new campus program and will discuss the important role it plays for students in recovery.  In addition, two CRC members will share their own stories and how the CRC has helped them.  Presenters will then be open to answer questions and participate in discussion.

Winter 2016 Professional Development

Happy New Year!!!  Winter term is well under way and we have our first professional development meeting coming up!

Training on Schedule Builder:

Wednesday, January 20, 12:001:00pm

Mckenzie 442 (SSIL computer lab)

Led by Brian Lowery, Associate University Registrar

Join us for an interactive training on Schedule Builder. Advisors will be given a step-by-step demonstration of how to help students build schedules using this web-based interactive tool designed to optimize course offerings and selections for each term. The training will be in a computer lab, so you’ll be able to walk through the various steps. We will also briefly cover the new degree guide. Feel free to forward this invitation to your colleagues.

Please RSVP here so we have an idea of the number of attendees to expect:

2nd Professional Development & Business Meeting – FA15

You’re invited to the second ACAA Professional Development session and the first ACAA Business meeting of the year!

Come join representatives from the Office of the Dean of Students, Counseling & Testing Center, and Division of Student Life to learn more about what we as advisors can do to prevent campus shootings.

Wednesday, December 2, 12:00-12:50pm

This session will be followed by an ACAA business meeting from 1:00-1:50 pm.

Esslinger 112

In response to the recent UCC tragedy, many of us may have already attended the active shooter training that Office of Emergency Management and Continuity is providing to UO faculty and staff.  While this training has touched on prevention, its main objective has been to teach survival strategies for such a situation if one were to occur.  This ACAA professional development event will focus solely on the prevention piece to explore what advisors can do to recognize students of concern and be clear on correct protocol and support service options, as well as have a conversation about what we can do to provide a more inclusive and supportive environment for students in order to prevent these types of tragedies.  Panel participants from the Office of the Dean of Students, Counseling & Testing Center, Division of Student Life, and a possible guest from LCC will provide information about their own services and strategies as well as take questions from the group.  It is possible that the conversation may touch on other topics of concern to which our campus community is currently responding, such as racial profiling in the wake of events at Mizzou and even the escalating global refugee crisis.

Professional Development – FA15

Please note that the date and location for October’s ACAA Professional Development session have changed. Daniel Pascoe Aguilar, Director of the Career Center, will present about facilitating students’ career readiness and using the UOAdvantage system at the following time and location:

Friday, October 23rd, 12:00-12:50pm

116 Education

In this UOAdvantage Experiential Learning Collaboration for Student Career Readiness session, participants will 1) further learn AACU, CERI, DOL, and NACE data/arguments about the importance of experiential learning and our critical on/off-campus collaboration to facilitate students’ career readiness through scaffolded co-curricular experiences. Through inductive exercises/conversations, participants will also 2) problem solve about ways in which student support professionals can partner on and off campus to effectively facilitate students’ experiential learning and their concrete preparation for their  next steps after college. Finally, participants will 3) learn about the UO Division of Student Life UOAdvantage Experiential Learning or Co-curricular Transcript Interface, its exciting cross-divisional partnerships and its projected student engagement and experiential-learning data.

Spring business meeting and professional development session

We hope you can join us on Wednesday, June 3 from 11am-1pm in Knight Library room 122. The ACAA business meeting will occur from 11am-noon. Here you will have an opportunity to learn more about Association’s structure and meet past, present and current ACAA leadership. Following the business meeting will be the ACAA professional development session from noon-1pm. In this session, we will learn about the integration of Study Abroad Programs and AHA International joining to form a new unit called Global Education Oregon. Presenters will discuss study abroad opportunities and the role of advising in the planning process for study abroad

ACAA Spring Professional Development Opportunities

The All-Campus Advising Association (ACAA) is offering three professional development opportunities this spring. Mark your calendars! 
Professional Development 1: Financial Aid Session 
Thurs, April 16, 12:00-1:00pm, Lillis 185
Withdrawing from courses, whether it be a single course or complete withdrawal, could possibly have a large impact on a student’s current and future financial aid. This presentation will explore the possible financial aid consequences students may face should they choose to withdraw from a single course or the entire term.  We will also discuss Satisfactory Academic Progress along with general financial aid deadlines for applying and turning in required documentation and the impact of not meeting these deadlines.  

Presenters will be Staci Miles, Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Reed McCue, Financial Aid Counselor.
Additional Professional Development Opportunity 
Mindset Interventions Session w/ guest from Stanford – College Transition Collaborative
Thurs, April 30/ Fri, May 1
Details coming soon!
ACAA Business Meeting
Wednesday, June 3, 11:00-11:50, TBA
Details coming soon.
Professional Development 2: Presenting Global Education Oregon
Wednesday, June 3, 12:00-12:50pm, TBA
Within the Office of International Affairs, two units (Study Abroad Programs and AHA International) are joining to form a new unit called Global Education Oregon. This integration will allow for greater service and international opportunities for both UO students, and students from other schools across the U.S. Come learn about what study abroad opportunities are available to UO students, and the role of academic advising in the planning process for study abroad.