Spring 2017

College of Education Program Closure and Changes:

1.       The Service Learning Program-SLP, (formerly the CIP-Community Internship program and earlier ESCAPE), will be terminated on June 30,2017. I am not sure any other unit or area will run with it upon it’s cessation.
2.       The Substance Abuse and Prevention Program-SAPP will be closing altogether at the end of Summer term 2017. It is also unknown if anyone or place will continue along the lines that SAPP has served.

Department of Human Physiology:

The department of Human Physiology is pleased to announce expanded course offerings for summer term 2017.  These 100-level courses have been designed for non-science majors seeking to fulfill the science group requirement (>3). Please help us spread the word! HPHY 103, 105, 111, 112


April 26, 2017

UO Senate

Below are live links to proposals of interest that were just passed in the faculty senate meeting on April 26th.  If you would like to view the full senate meeting agenda click here: https://senate.uoregon.edu/2017/04/24/senate-meeting-agenda-april-26-2017/

August 4, 2016

Ian McNeely, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, College of Arts and Sciences.

College of Arts and Sciences has discontinued the policy under which CAS majors were given priority access to register for upper-division non-group-satisfying courses. Departments may still apply this restriction on a case-by-case basis during scheduling data entry.  Contact Ian McNeely at adue@uoregon.edu for additional information.